Encon Academy


ZhongDing Group


Reutter GmbH

Reutter is a global supplier of coolant pressure caps, engine oil fill caps, fuel caps and scr cap and fill systems for the automotive, heavy truck and off-highway industries.


Flowork Systems II, LLC

Flowork Systems II, LLC – This company was started by John Fulton. John has several patents regarding a unique coolant system pump that has variable capacity, resulting in a fuel economy saving and improvement in cooling system reliability.


Management System Services

Management System Services This is the website for Thomas Wenz. MSS is a global company that offers ISO and TS certification for manufacturing and engineering facilities.


Mobile Air Conditioning Refrigeration Alternatives for the Environment, LLC

Mobile Air Conditioning Refrigeration Alternatives for the Environment, LLC  This is the website for William (Bill) Hill. MACRAE offers engineering consultation services for automotive air conditioning engineering.


Holistech Energy Solutions, LLC

Holistech Energy Solutions, LLC- This is the website for Paul Dicke. Paul offers consultation services for heavy duty power-train cooling systems used in heavy truck, off-highway, construction equipment, etc.


AlKar Engineering

AlKar Engineering This is the website for Alex (Al) Kargilis. Alex Kargilis was a mentor for me, and I give Al credit for giving me the courage to start my business!


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