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GECS offers the following engineering consultation services

Design – GECS will review your power-train cooling design for function, cost effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility either privately, or in a peer-review setting. We can even contract local design resources, if required. After SOP, GECS can interface with your customer quality department,  analyze the warranty performance of your components and report out to your customer.

Development Testing– GECS  can  define  and  manage  your  instrumentation andtesting  needs  for  any  thermal  tunnel  or  on- highway  tests   that  you  may   require.


Problem Solving

– GECS can work with your personnel to solve the most difficult power-train cooling design, development or cooling system service fill issue.

Engineering Process– GECS will review your engineering process and recommend changes to make it more effective, fast and efficient. GECS can establish a complete set of engineering specifications and formalize a peer-review process your organization.

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