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Power-train cooling and HVAC are our passions. Alfred Gunther has spent his entire career of more than 35 years working to advance the understanding and technology of powertrain cooling and HVAC systems.


Alfred Gunther has been awarded three patents and has authored many engineering specifications and best practices in this field. He has been responsible for growing current client sales by more than $4M/year since 2009.


GECS is actively working to provide a network of sales associates in every major automotive OEM and PTC/HVAC supplier market. Our vision is to have the ability to connect any PTC/HVAC Tier 1 supplier to any…


GECS is able to provide your company with top quality sales and engineering support at a fraction of the cost of operating a local office. All of our services are 100% contracted (US-1099), so there are…

Your One-stop-shop for Engine Cooling Engineering, Training, and Sales Support

The secret to keep engines running at their best efficiency lies in advanced engine cooling systems. They remove excess heat and maintain the engine operating temperature for best efficiency. However, the process of designing, developing, and engineering of engine cooling systems in the USA can be a complex one and incur huge costs.

At Global Engine Cooling Solutions, we work in collaboration with OEMs to design and develop automotive cooling systems in the USA customized to their specific requirements. Our services include engineering consultancy, employee training, and technical sales support to ensure you get everything under one roof.

What we offer?

GECS works closely with OEMs and suppliers who deal in powertrain cooling systems in the USA. With an efficient team of powertrain engineers and sales professionals by our side, we are here to support deaeration cooling system suppliers in the USA with our complete range of services that include transmission cooling system engineering consultancy in the USA, in-depth training, and sales support.

Engineering Consulting

Our engineering consultancy services are focused on supporting OEMs in achieving the best efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs. The idea is to help our clients with the best-engineered cooling solution in the USA at a fraction of cost.

It all starts with reviewing the existing engine cooling design in terms of functionality, cost-efficiency, and manufacturing feasibility. Our team of automotive engineering design consultants will then define and manage your instrumentation and testing needs for any thermal tunnel or on-highway tests that you may require.

Being among the best engineering consulting firms in the USA, we work with your team to solve the most difficult power-train cooling design, development, or cooling system service related issues.

In the final step, we review your engineering process and recommend the necessary changes to make it more effective and efficient. If needed, we go ahead and establish a complete set of engineering specifications and formalize a peer-review process for your organization.

Employee Training

Powertrain cooling design and development is a complex process that requires proper training including all its important aspects. GECS conducts in-depth training programs that include assignments and require two days to finish. We offer great flexibility in choosing the training location. It can either be conducted at your facility or at the one contracted by GECS.

Technical Sales

Being your all-in-one companion, GECS also offers reliable technical sales support for engine cooling components like cooling fans, heat exchangers, coolant tanks, CAC hoses, coolant hoses, AC hoses, and more. We follow a flexible compensation structure, including a 100% commission structure.


GECS is a leading name in powertrain cooling design and development. With our expertise and complete array of services, we intend to address the most complex cooling system design and development challenges while making the process more cost-efficient for our clients.

In case you’re looking for automotive engineering design consultants, reach out to us today.

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